The Village of Angels resort is located on the east coast of Bali next to the Candidasa tourist center among the magnificent tropical scenery. The Village of Angels has cozy bungalows, beautiful villas, rooms with a private entrance. It also has its own beach and mini zoo with exotic animals. It offers outdoor swimming pools overlooking the Indian Ocean, a spa complex, a lounge, free Wi-Fi and a bar.

Amazingly well-equipped villas are decorated in a modern Balinese style. The terraces offer picturesque views of the Indian Ocean and surrounding landscapes. Guests can explore Bali by going on a hike or by taking excursions, practicing yoga, snorkeling, diving and fishing. After an active day, our guests can enjoy a relaxing massage and visit sauna. It is also possible to hire cooks to prepare food.

The Village of Angels Villas

The beautifully equipped villas are decorated in a modern Balinese style.
It offers a spa, gym, free Wi-Fi, as well as a bar and a restaurant.

Вилла на Бали
Villa Purnama
Вилла на Бали
Villa Rumah Kecil
Вилла на Бали
Villa Dua Gils

Outdoor swimming pools overlooking the ocean

The Village of Angels beach is located in a small bay with snow-white sand, surrounded by coconut palms. The water in the ocean is clean, overflowed with all shades of turquoise. Small waves and sandy bottom create ideal conditions for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing with children. The beach offers two scenic pools and Jacuzzi, sunbeds, umbrellas, cold and hot drinks, and a bar.

Вилла на Бали
Вилла на Бали

Mini zoo with tropical inhabitants

Private mini-zoo with exotic animals on the territory of Villa Dua Gills will delight guests with the tropical birds who share inhabitation with reptiles as well as Koi carps in an ornamental pond.

Вилла на Бали

Restaurant, bar

Вилла на Бали


Вилла на Бали


Вилла на Бали



Fishing and Boat tours Padang Bai (15 minutes’ drive from The Village of Angels) is the starting point for ferries to Lombok and boats to the tranquil islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. On both sides of the town there are nice little beaches where you can do snorkeling and diving. One-day trips for fishing, diving or just going to a beautiful beach can be arranged at reasonable prices with the Chukunga (local boat), which is always moored on Mendira beach, just a short walk from the villa.

Tracking and hiking There are many opportunities for tracking and hiking around Bali and, in particular, Chandi Dasa, from easy walks to more difficult hills around Chandi Dasa with a beautiful view of Gunung Agung. If you wish, The Village of Angels can organize it for you. We especially recommend a walk from Tirt Gangg to Tenganan, which takes about 4 hours, but it is quite simple and easy for children. For those who need more, the Bali Marathon is held in Chandi Dasa every April.


The Pearl in Eastern Bali

Candidasa – a small, cozy town.
The perfect place to enjoy a relaxed and secluded holiday.

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Bali – is an island of beauty. The pearl of the east coast is rightfully considered the resort city of Candidasa, located in a very picturesque place, on the banks of one of the most beautiful bays on the island, being surrounded by the sea from one side, and by mountains from the other.

The quiet resort is suitable for family and private holidays, as well as for diving. People come here to enjoy beautiful views and beach vacations away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In Candidasa, you can not only swim in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, but you can also explore local sights, taste Balinese cuisine, visit souvenir shops, surf and go snorkeling. It is a great place to relax with children, as well as for those who love cycling, good roads, little transport and beautiful views.

Historians believe that the settlement Teluk Kehen (Bay of Fire) was located on the site of Candidasa in the XII century. The main occupations of local residents were fishing and agriculture. This continued until the end of the 20th century, when the east coast began to enjoy great popularity among tourists and the active development of the coast with luxurious hotels and villas has begun. The population consists of peasants who are very friendly and kind residents. The place is crime-free.

Candidasa is distinguished from the west coast by rank vegetation and a wetter climate. Banana and palm jungle are replaced by beautiful rice terraces. Hilly mountainous terrain and serpentine roads will not leave travelers indifferent to breathtaking landscapes. Relaxation, tranquility, hospitable people, nature, exciting excursions.

Excursions: 7 wonders of Candidasa and Bali Safari

Candidasa is an exotic kingdom of jungle and mighty mountains, emerald rice terraces, mystical water palaces and beautiful beaches.


Lotus Lagoon

The lake is located in the city center. If you visit it early in the morning, you will see an incredibly beautiful sight of loose lotuses, and in the evening you can hear the mesmerizing singing of cycads.

Tenganan Village

The village of Tenganan, in which the locals of Aga live, located 4 km away from Candidasa. The population professes animism and adheres to centuries-old traditions. This small village is surrounded by very picturesque hills. It is worth coming here for traditional Balinese souvenirs. The village is famous for traditional fabrics made in the unique double ikat technique.


Taman Tirta Gangga, Taman Ujung

The magnificent palace and park complexes of Tirta Ganga and Tamang Ujung with many reservoirs are examples of harmony of architecture with nature were built by the last raja Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut. The palaces are made in a mixed style of Balinese and European architecture. The ensembles look like a bizarre maze of ponds, fountains, bridges and alleys with dozens of animal and demon statues traditional for local culture. The compositions are framed in a lush green garden. Palaces were built as residences of royal persons, as well as for meeting high-ranking officials.

White Sand Beach

The only beach with white sand on the east coast and one of the best beaches in Bali. White Sand Beach is located in a small bay. It has the shape of a crescent. The length of the coastline is 700m. The beach looks very beautiful and romantic. It is surrounded by low hills overgrown with shrubs and tropical trees on all sides. In some places, small stone cliffs rise near the water. The water in the ocean is clean, overflowed with azure, blue and turquoise colors. High waves occur at high tide, but the sea is mostly calm, which allows you to swim and dive with a mask. 5-10 meters from the shore you will see corals, sponges, sea stars, colored tropical fish and even sea turtles underwater. The coastline is clean, well maintained and regularly cleaned.


Blue Lagoon Beach

The Blue Lagoon is located in a small bay with a coral reef near the coast. The length of the coastline is 500 m, but the sandy coast is small – only 50 meters. The water off the shore is blue and transparent. Even after a few meters of ocean thickness, the rocky bottom, coral reef and underwater inhabitants of the bay are perfectly visible here. There are clown fish, parrot fish, butterfly fish, filefish, scrubber and other exotic species of various sizes, colors and shapes.

Gunung Agung

This is an active volcano located in eastern Bali. It is the highest point on the island – its peak is located at an altitude of 2997 meters above sea level. It is considered a sacred mountain among local residents. On a clear day, you can see almost the entire island of Bali from the mountain. It is an excellent route for tracking. Climbing to the top will take 6 hours. To get to the “near” peak will take you only 3 hours.


Charlie’s Chocolate Factory

The factory was founded by American named Charlie from California. Located on the ocean among the palm grove, it consists of several small fabulous bamboo houses. It produces Balinese organic chocolate from natural cocoa beans, cocoa butter, natural vanilla and Goji berries. It also produces natural soap from coconut oil and aromatic oils. Chocolate made in the form of coffee grains and it is very tasty. Charlie’s Chocolate Factory is a wonderful place for leisure with children. A pirate wooden ship stands near the coast. Inside the ship you can wander around the cabins or sit on the deck. The goose Agus lives on the territory. The factory has a chocolate shop and a cafeteria where you can order cold and hot chocolate or drink coffee.

Bali Safari and Marine Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park is a unique wildlife destination on the island. It contains about 100 species of animals and birds from several continents. Their living conditions are very similar to natural ones. Performances are regularly staged here. There is also a water park and a restaurant. Some ecological programs also do operate there.


You can book these and many other excursions at The Village of Angels. Experienced guides will gladly make sure you have a comfortable, fascinating and unforgettable excursion!


The Village of Angels resort is located on the east coast of Bali near the tourist center of Candidasa among the magnificent tropical scenery.
Ngurah Paradise International Airport is 63 km away.

Stars Music Videos

Maxim Fadeev and the Serebro group shot music videos on the territory of The Village of Angels resort.
These music videos collected over 145 million views on YouTube.

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